How to Host a Successful Summer Garage Sale


While hosting a weekend garage sale may seem straightforward, a few small tweaks to timing, display, and signage can make all the difference.

Clean and Declutter

A cluttered garage can overwhelm potential customers and cause confusion about what’s for sale and what’s not. Before setting up shop, clean out your garage and temporarily stow away items you plan to keep. If you must store certain items in your garage, consider covering them up with a tarp or roping off the area so customers can easily decipher between personal belongings and items for purchase.

Organize and Categorize

Make it easy for shoppers to zero in on items they’re looking for by organizing them into specific categories such as sporting goods, clothing, books, and toys. You can get even more specific by setting up subcategories like age group or price range.

The More the Merrier

Multi-family garage sales tend to draw larger crowds and offer more variety for shoppers. Ask neighbours, friends, and family if they have any items laying around that they’re interested in selling. Chances are they’ll be more than willing to spend a weekend clearing out their clutter as well.

Watch the Weather

If you’re flexible with your dates, check the weather forecast ahead of time to ensure you schedule your sale on a sunny day. Nobody wants to sift through a garage sale in the rain, so it’s worth keeping your items in boxes for an extra week if it guarantees more customers.

Upsell with Snacks

Sweets and treats are an easy way to generate some extra cash and attract more customers.  Homemade cookies or a lemonade stand can incentivize people to stop in, while also giving your kids an activity to keep them occupied.


Generate buzz around your garage sale with signs placed throughout the neighbourhood and online advertisements. Online ads can be written a week in advance, while neighbourhood signs should be posted at least one day before the sale.

Make sure your DIY signs are eye-catching and easy to read by using fluorescent paper and large, bold lettering. Once your garage sale is over, go back and remove your signs to reduce neighbourhood litter.

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