How to Keep Your Wood Garage Doors in Top Shape All Year Round

Wood garage doors are appreciated for their charm and elegance. However, they can require more upkeep than steel, fibreglass, or vinyl garage doors. Without proper care, a wood door can begin to lose its lustre, or, worse, deteriorate.

To keep your wood garage doors looking great, and to extend its lifespan, make sure to follow these maintenance tips, courtesy of the garage door experts at Creative Door.

Consult your owner’s manual

Before anything else, you should familiarize yourself with the specific maintenance instructions in your owner’s manual, as well as your warranty coverage. Know that using the wrong kind of paint, stain, or woody putty on your garage door can void the warranty.

Keep your door clean

Cleaning your garage door regularly is important. By clearing away dirt and dust, you keep your door looking pristine and may not have to refinish it as often. You should do a thorough cleaning once or twice a year.

For more information about cleaning your garage door, read our step-by-step guide.


Root out rot

At least every few months, you should inspect your door for rot, which causes the wood to soften and deteriorate. Rot most often begins along the bottom of the door. However, it isn’t always visible. To check for it, prod the door with a screwdriver or another tool and see if the wood gives way. If you have a rot problem, it needs to be tended to immediately, as it’s prone to spread. Call in a professional to repair or replace the affected panels.

Send pests packing

Just like rot, pests can wreak havoc on your garage door by weakening the wood. Keep an eye out for insects like termites and boring beetles and inspect your garage door for small holes and tunnels. If you have a pest problem, the first step is figuring out which pest you’re up against, as this will determine the treatment. If you can’t identify the insect, or if you want to leave the extermination job to an expert, call in a pest control company.

Small holes can be filled in with wood putty prior to refinishing the door. More substantial damage may necessitate repair or replacement by a garage door technician.


Refinish your door every few years

Whether painted or stained, a wood garage door needs to be refinished every few years, or when you begin to notice peeling or cracking in the top coat. This not only freshens the look of your door but also helps to reinforce and protect the wood. Cracks in the finish allow moisture to penetrate, which can lead to rot.

You’ll need to do some prep work before you begin. First, thoroughly clean your garage door and allow it to dry. Second, remove any loose paint chips with a scraper and sand paper. Finally, fill any holes with wood putty, sanding away any excess putty.

Apply the new coat according to the package’s directions. Be sure that the primer, paint, oil, stain or putty you use won’t void the warranty.

Inspect the weather stripping

Refinishing your door is a good opportunity to check the weather stripping to ensure that it isn’t worn, cracked, or undersized. In fact, it’s best to do this at twice a year. A good way to check the seal is to stand inside your closed garage with the lights off and see if there are any places where daylight shines through. Visually checking for cracks, stiffness, or signs of wear is also important.


Maintain the components

You should have your garage door serviced by a professional at least once a year. In the interim, you may want to do some maintenance yourself, or at minimum inspect your door’s key components. Make sure that all hardware is screwed tightly in place and that that the rollers, tracks, and hinges are clear of dirt and debris. Check that the door’s moving parts are properly lubricated. For more information on how to apply lubrication to your garage door, read our article on the subject.

You’ll also want to be attentive to any issues with your garage door’s operation. A telltale sign that something is awry is unusual sounds. To learn how to troubleshoot a noisy garage door, read our comprehensive guide.

If you have a problem with your garage door that you can’t resolve on your own, request a service call before it goes from bad to worse.

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