The Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Spring: More Than Your Average Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are a key component in most garage door systems. This is because the part acts as a counterweight to the garage door. Without a well-functioning spring, the opener wouldn’t be able to lift and lower the door, which, depending on its size, material, and features, can weigh anywhere from 130 to 400 pounds.

However, innovations to the torsion spring have resulted in a number of added benefits. In particular, Wayne Dalton has developed a unique spring system for its garage doors known as the TorqueMaster Plus. The distinguishing feature of this spring system is that the spring is encased in a metal tube. This may seem like a minor detail, but in fact, this advance improves the safety and increases the longevity of the spring system.

Here’s what you should know about the TorqueMaster system as well as some information about maintaining and replacing your garage door springs.


What are the Advantages of the TorqueMaster Spring System?

Here are some of the key benefits the Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster offers:

  • It’s safer. Because the spring is contained in a protective shield, which reduces risk of injury in the unlikely event of a sudden release of tension.

  • It’s quick and easy to install. Because the TorqueMaster spring system is designed as a single piece, it’s quicker to install than a standard system.

  • It requires minimal maintenance. The protective shield that encases the TorqueMaster spring keeps it free of dirt. Because it remains cleaner than the average torsion spring, it requires less maintenance and lasts longer.

  • It can be installed in garages with low ceilings. The TorqueMaster spring and its cables are smaller in diameter than standard springs and cables. Because they take up less space, they’re ideal for garages with low ceilings.

In addition, the system includes an anti-drop safety device, which prevents the garage door from dropping should the spring break.


What’s the lifespan of a TorqueMaster spring?

All garage door springs have a limited lifespan. The TorqueMaster spring, however, will last somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 cycles. Generally, this means it’ll last somewhere between seven and nine years, which is superior to the average lifecycle of other garage door springs. In fact, tests of the TorqueMaster spring have shown that it exceeds industry requirements by as much as 15%.

How do you maintain TorqueMaster springs?

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs should be lubricated on a yearly basis. Due to the extreme tension in the spring, this job should be left to a professional. A garage door technician can inspect and lubricate your spring system during the recommended annual maintenance appointment.

How can you tell that the TorqueMaster spring has failed?

When the spring on your garage door breaks, the opener will no longer be able to lift the door. If your garage door won’t open, it means that the spring has likely failed. However, there are various other issues that may cause a door to remain shut and you should rule these out first. Read our article about troubleshooting a stuck garage door for more information.

Another indication that the spring is busted are slack cables. The cables on either side of the TorqueMaster spring are supposed to be taut. However, if the spring fails, they will slacken.

Finally, if you’re nearby when the spring breaks, you’ll likely hear a loud bang.


How do you replace the spring on a Wayne Dalton garage door?

Replacing a TorqueMaster spring is a job that must be left to a professional. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and handling them can result in a serious injury. In addition, this task requires specialized tools and professional expertise.

Always contact a qualified garage door technician to repair or replace your garage door springs.

How do you adjust the tension on a Wayne Dalton garage door?

If your garage door opens too quickly, it may mean that the spring tension is too tight. If it opens slowly or laboriously, it’s likely that the spring tension is too loose.

You should always let a trained professional adjust your garage door spring. Just like a spring replacement, it’s highly dangerous for non-professionals to perform this risky task.


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