When looking for a new garage door opener, it can be hard to know which one’s right for you. But if smart connectivity is your jam, we’ve got an all-in-one solution at a great value.

It may look unassuming, but the LiftMaster 8550W garage door opener is concealing some high-tech gadgets. Built into its compact case are fail-safes and capabilities for seamless smartphone, tablet, and laptop remote operation and connectivity.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Not all openers have Wi-Fi built right into the unit. Those need an additional accessory called the LiftMaster Internet Gateway designed to act as the go-between from your opener to your router, thus enabling connectivity (our LiftMaster 8165 comes with this included).

The LiftMaster 8550W, however, comes equipped with Wi-Fi built in, making it easy to connect with smart technology, such as the MyQ mobile app, MyQ accessories, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. This free download is what makes it possible to monitor and control your garage door using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop—it can even send security emails or push notifications alerting you to the status of your garage door.

Smart Control Panel

This mission control panel makes it easy to program your remote, keypad, and MyQ accessories. It also lets you set the automatic timer for your door to close at a specified time (if you wish), and controls a motion detector that activates automatic lighting when tripped.

Integrated Battery Backup

Power outages happen. And, most of the time, we’re just wandering around in the dark looking for flashlights and waiting for it to come back on. But if you have to get somewhere in your car, you’re now also out of luck because you’ll have to take time to manually open the garage door. But not if you’re a lucky owner of Model 8550W—the backup battery ensures your garage door functions as usual, even when the power technicians are still an hour away.

NOTE: If you know that you have power, but your garage door is not working properly, check out these troubleshooting tips.

Security+ 2.0® Encryption

Did you know that hacking your garage door is child’s play? No really—there’s a toy out there that makes it easy for spies and bandits to capture your garage door code. The way to combat this is with a garage door opener that uses rolling code technology, which is where LiftMaster’s Security + 2.0 comes in. Every time you click the remote, a new code is sent to your transmitter making a hack ineffective. With over a million possible code combinations, thieves may have the technology, but nobody has that much time to wait for the same combo to roll around again.

Add to these features an ultra-quiet motor with lifetime manufacturer warranty (five years on parts and one year on the battery), and you have complete system that takes control to the max.

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