This Halloween, try one of these ghoulish garage setups, and you’ll stand a chance of being more popular than that house giving out full-size candy bars.

Give It a Ghastly Facelift

When you look at the garage straight on, it already resembles a face, so applying some exterior Halloween makeup is a natural fit. One of the easiest ways to give your garage a creepy facelift is to apply oversize decals like grizzly teeth at the top of the garage door, and menacing eyes and brows just above. Ready-made decals for garages are available—from haunted faces and zombie warning signs to spooky silhouettes and cartoonish characters.

One easy and fun DIY idea that’s perfect on an all-white classic steel or vinyl garage door is to attach swaths of inexpensive white muslin across the entire door from left to right. Then part the fabric where two eyes would appear and place decals (or use your imagination). Finally, open a slit for the mouth and fill it with black construction paper to complete your mummy mug.

Host a Graveyard Smash

What better place than a garage to have a drop-in soiree on All Hallows Eve? It’s open to the street, so you can socialize while watching for tiny witches and werewolves looking for treats (plus it’s sheltered from howling winds).

The decorating possibilities of a garage are endless. But with all that concrete, a graveyard scene comes to mind with Styrofoam tombstones, webbing, twisted twigs and branches, a ‘full moon’ hanging from the ceiling, zombies and other monsters, and black lights for ambiance. Add more lights, music, and devilishly delicious snacks and drinks, and your party will be a scream.

TIP: If thrones and castles give you goose bumps, check out our past post on Medieval-Inspired Decoration Ideas for Halloween.

Conjure a Theatrical Treat

Imagine this scenario: Put a sign on your front door directing trick-or-treaters to the garage door. Then, as you spot them approaching from a nearby window, activate the garage door using your phone through the very handy MyQ mobile app. As the door slowly rises, ghostly tendrils of dry ice swarm out from under the door to the dramatic sounds of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as a creepy figure lies in wait—plastic cauldron of candy in hand. A bit over the top perhaps, but we know that some of you are seriously thinking about doing this right now.

NOTE: For this spooky stunt to work best, you’ll need a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener such as the LiftMaster 8550W, which makes it easy to connect with the MyQ mobile app.

SAFETY TIP: With little ones stumbling around in the dark on Halloween night, our Richards-Wilcox Family Safe Garage Doors with pinch-resistant panel joints are highly recommended. Nobody wants missing fingers for real.

From all of us at Creative Door, have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween!

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