Medieval-Inspired Decoration Ideas for Halloween

medieval inspired decoration ideas - carriage house garage door

Stuck trying to think of a Halloween party theme? How about a medieval-inspired one? Think knights, kings, queens, banners, chalices, and Game of Thrones. That’s right, take the best TV show and turn it into a smashing party everyone will remember—inside the perfect castle: your garage.

A Quick Medieval History Lesson

The medieval period, also known as the Middle Ages, spanned between the late 5th century and the beginning of the 14th century. Cathedrals were the most common architecture around Europe. Elaborate masonry, arches, and minimal windows were also very common during this time.

During this period, kings, queens, and lords ruled the people. Peasants were the labourers while knights rode in battle with shining armour and swords.

Get the picture? Now let’s start decorating.

Medieval-Inspired DIY Projects

How you decorate your house will dictate the mood of your themed party. You wouldn’t want to walk into a plain garage while you’re decked out in your best knight armour. So, how do you achieve this?

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DIY House Banners

Separate your garage with banners. Just like in Game of Thrones, each family has their own “house,” so create a banner for every family you invited. Here’s a great DIY tutorial on how to create your own medieval banner out of tablecloths.

DIY Chandeliers and Torches

During the medieval times, since the elaborate cathedrals and structures had minimal natural light, torches and chandeliers were common. Make your own out of tissue paper and construction paper.

Keep modern lighting to a minimum and opt for candles instead. The flicker of a candle gives a more eerie feel.

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DIY Ancient Decorations

Give your garage’s walls the look of stone, common during the medieval era. Decorate your walls with shields to give your party a war-torn look. Use a tent to house the food with netting and decorate it with miniature castles.

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DIY Deviled Dragon Eggs

Have a bowl of dragon eggs for a fun fantasy throwback. Here’s a great recipe that will transform a regular deviled egg into a Game-of-Thrones-inspired dragon egg.

DIY Throne

Of course, no medieval castle is complete without a throne to sit on. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn a lawn chair into your own iron throne. Place it in the garage for a photo op your guests wouldn’t want to miss. If you have a carriage garage door, let your guests enter your house from there. The swing-open mechanism allows for a grand entrance to your party.

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The Fun Part—Costumes

Long garments, big dresses, and headwear (scarves and crowns alike) were common clothing for men and women during the medieval period. Or better yet, dress as your favourite Game of Thrones character.

To help you with the after party mess, here are clever ways to clean and organize your garage.

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